SnapSort and LensHero to the rescue!

Being known as the camera guy, wherever I go, people ask me the same question:

Which camera should I buy?

Of course, they saw some of my pictures and don’t understand why theirs are not as good as mine. Their natural reaction is to blame the camera (of course), so they want to know more about my camera. Once they know the price tag, their next question is how they can get one as good for a fraction of the price (of course…). At this precise moment, I know I lost them. They are not going to understand or remember whatever I am going to say and only want me to tell them what they should get. More often than not, I end up suggesting the Sony NEX5KB since it is IMHO the best camera for average Joe and you can’t go wrong with it. But now I have an even better solution: I point them toward the SnapSort website. The site works like an adviser, either telling you which camera you should get based on your criteria or compare camera side to side, highlighting the strength of each one (5DMrkII vs 7D below). Having all camera specs in a single place is a great time saver.

What about lenses?

The guys form SnapSort did it again and extended their reach to lenses with LensHero . The site is not as mature and SnapSort (it is only a month old) and while I don’t agree with some of the design choices, it still has what made me love SnapSort in the first place: complete specs sheets and broad coverage. The poor guys must have missed a few nights of sleep doing data entry! While I think the decision process in the purchase of a lens is more complex than what the current site AI is currently offering, I think it is a good place to either start or end your buying process.

Finally, they are running a small contest for their launch so you may want to check it out.

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