2011: products to watch for

Now that 2010 is almost over and 2011 is closing by, I think it would be a good time to step back and take a look at what we should expect for the next year, gear wise.

Red Rock Micro – Micro Remote/Sonar

When it was first presented, it was an instant hit. We all wanted one, at least everyone I know. Right off the bat, I knew designing such a product would be a challenge because of the wide variety of lenses one can mount on a Canon HDSLR and each lens requires calibration to work with the system.

It was supposed to be available in Fall 2010. Fall is over and we are now very close to 2011. Will this product be the Duke Nukem Forever of the HDSLR world? I seriously hope it wont be vaporware because I need it! Actually, I hope it will be a major success so other manufacturers will invest time and money to build competitive products. Until then, we are all waiting…

Red Rock Micro Electronic View Finder

RRM surprised us all with the announcement of their EVF. Again, they were innovative and proposed an elegant solution to a real problem. I really love the small form factor which make it perfect for anyone who goes shooting with minimal gear.

At least, this time, they learned their lessons and did not publish a shipping date. My expectation is that it will be available at the same time as the Zacuto EVF.

Zacuto Electronic View Finder

Speaking of the Z-finder EVF… Zacuto approach to the EVF problem is quite different than what RRM is doing: a two pieces system which offers a lot of flexibility to cover pretty much every potential use case but at the cost of size.

Since both Zacuto and RRM products are still in development, it is hard for me to say for me which one I prefer. But since I already own a Z-finder and I am a big fan of Zacuto attention to details, I would tend to favor the Zfinder EVF until I can hold both products in my hands.

I invite you to check their product website and watch all videos. They explain in details the reasons behind their design choices.

Jag35 Electronic Wireless Follow Focus

I love Jag35! Their goal is to provide good gear at reasonable price. In December, they released their Electronic Follow Focus kit (I ordered a kit!) and plan to release a compatible wireless kit in 2011. This is big news because: 1) it is quite cheap, 2) it is the first product of its kind targeted at the HDSLR market.

Wireless focus/zoom control is a big thing and open up a lot of framing opportunities for the creative minds.

5D Mark III

The internet loves rumors and the 5DMrkII had such a big impact on the market that everyone is waiting for the third iteration to come out. Blogs and forums are already filled with rumors about this camera and I have a gentleman bet with my friend Robert about its release in March.

While I dont have any insider information, it is relatively safe to say that it should come out in 2011 but don’t hold your breath. I dont expect it until the end of the year. Why? There is no need for Canon to release it since the 5DMrkII is still selling very well and still has no competitor. Maybe the arrival of the Panasonic AF100 will prove me wrong…


It should be out in 2011. Then again, I think I said the same thing exactly a year ago about 2010…

Final Cut Studio 4

FCS4 is coming out in early 2011 and expectations are high. With so many people ready to switch to CS5 (or even CS6?), Apple has to make FCS4 a worthy upgrade. I previously talked about my vision on the topic and I still think Apple will deliver. If not, CS6, here I come!


While 2010 was a good year for HDSLR users, I am confident 2011 will be even better. HDSLRs gained a lot of mind share among the pros and production companies in 2010 and every single new project I am hearing about these days involve HDSLRs.

I see 2011 as the year when big players (Apple, Canon, etc…) recognize these cameras as pro tools and offer us what we need without compromises!

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