Good deals on CF-Cards at BH

Just received this in my email box. BH has some good deals on CF-Cards (see bellow).

Think you have enough cards? How big are they? While I have about 80 gigs worth of card, they are almost all 8gig cards which means I can only record about 20-28 minutes worth of video per card.

This means that if I am shooting a concert/interview or any other long duration event, I will have to change card before the end of the event and, most of the time, long before the card is filled. Typically, I will change card at the first opportunity I get once it is above 50%, just to make sure I dont get the dreaded CARD FULL message in the middle of the action.

This mean that my 8x8gig cards give me, in reality, a capacity of around 30-40gig.

The other reason why I am moving to bigger cards (and I suggest you do the same), is that it is less stuff to manage, carry around and, if you are like me, to lose. So far, I have only lost one card in 2010, I am quite proud of myself compared to my record year of 2009 with its 4 missing cards!

So, what are these good deals?

The Transcend 400x 32gig card at 90$ is a great deal (Amazon has the same deal). There are a few cards cheaper than this one but none with UDMA which is a must for fast transfer back to the computer. Instead of transferring at 20-30mb/sec, it will copy at about 90mb/sec. I have about 4 Transcend cards and never had an issue with them. If you only trust big names, SanDisk has a few mail in rebates going on which can make you save a good amount of cash, but seriously, the Transcend deal is more tempting IMHO.

I also suggest you to get a FW card reader such as this one from Lexar. It is relatively cheap (about 60$) and will save you countless hours. Of course, you will need a UDMA card to benefit from the added speed.

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