My favorite Horror Movie list (Out of topic)

Ok, I know this is not HDSLR related, but I am sure a few of you will appreciate this list if you are looking for something to watch tonight! I am a big fan of horror movies. Actually, no matter how great my wife is, if she did not like horror movies, I dont know if we would be together!

I picked each of these movies for a specific reason, so while some may not be scariest, I think they will all worth your time. So here is the list, in no special order.

Coraline 3D

This is a stop motion movie with a very unclear audience. The look is a bit childish but the mood and story is way too scary for a kid (IMHO). It is very well made and refreshing to see how stop motion is still in use. Best seen in 3D.

The Mist

This movie really deserves better exposure. I love it because of the WTF is going on / end of days mood it creates. There is a lot of mystery in the movie and the ending has to be one of my favorites. I highly suggest you get the DVD and watch the directors comments, lots of interesting info about the story and the issues they had with the fog. If you read the Stephen King novel from which this movies was inspired from, know that they changed the ending.

Saw (original)

Every time someone ask me for an horror movie suggestion, this is my first one. Unfortunately, most of them reply they dont want to see a gore galore. Then, no matter how much I try to tell them that there isnt that much gore in Saw 1, they dont believe me. It is sad because Saw has everything to please the horror fan: good actors and very good storyline/scripts. And I repeat: while the series follow up are a gorefest, this one is not! It is an excellent thriller (fast forward the first scene if you cant stand it, the rest of the movie is relatively safe).

While watching the directors comments, something I found interesting is how they came up with the story. Instead of starting with an idea and working the story form there, they started with a constrain: budget and tried to find a scenario which would use as few locations as possible. The result: two guys stuck in a room.

Also, if you are into the horror genre, all posters in the Saw series are real work of art. At least from a technical perspective.

Paranormal Activity

Speaking of low budget film, this one has to be the champion in return on investment. Costing around 15k$, it made a return of over 10,000%. But that is not what make this movie great. What makes it great is how realistic it feels and how the story feeds on our most inner fear: what happen when we sleep?

Great movie and probably one of the scariest I have seen in my adult life.


If you are not into horror movies or find all the previous titles too scary, you have to see this one! Everything about this movie is fun: the dialogs, the story, the zombies… It should be in the comedy section but hey, it includes zombies so it fits in the horror genre too! It also includes a set of very informative and useful rules in case of zombie invasion! Because you know it could happen, right?

Special mention to the very cool high speed footage used in the intro and the well placed motion graphics.

Dawn of the Dead

While Zombieland takes a funny twist on the end of the world by zombies theme, this one stays in the horror section.

I was watching this last night with my wife and she came up with a very good question: how could the zombies plague spread oversea when people are turning into zombies this fast? Anyone has an explanation?

Silent Hill

While this movie has some flaws, it has some very original monsters and the build-up to horror scenes is extremely well made. Best watched on a blue-ray, huge tv and good sound for the best experience.

And finally, a book for all zombie lovers:

Zombies: A Record of the Year of Infection

bought this last Christmas for myself and loved it.

Anyone has suggestions that should be added to the list?

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