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Faceoff: Canon 5D vs iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S4

Smartphone cameras are fast becoming the must-have devices for shutterbugs due the fact they can easily fit into your pocket. As the bigger and bulkier cameras are slowly taking a back seat, are smartphones reigning supreme? In this article, we’ll be comparing one of Canon’s most powerful cameras, the 5D Mark III against two of the best smartphones in the market today: the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom and iPhone 5.

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Model photography – Introduction: Chris Goddard

About Chris Goddard – Model Photographer

My name is Chris Goddard and I’m a full time photographer based out of Portland, OR. I’ve been shooting for 2 years now but editing for around 5. Up until 2 years ago, I’d never taken pictures other than a point and shoot on a vacation.…

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