Triggertrap Redsnap

Triggertrap Redsnap is a new toy from an already well known Triggertrap brand and it may see the light of the day soon. There is a kickstarter project going on now for 30 more days trying to back this project up.

Triggertrap V1 vs Triggertrap Redsnap

As we’ve tried, tested and enjoyed the ‘old’ version, the Triggertrap V1, we can’t wait to try out the new one in action.
Triggertrap Redsnap uses interchangeable sensor modules that you can mount on when you need them opposed to the older version that had all the sensors built in. Redsnap has 3 outputs, on which you can attach 3 cameras, 3 flashes, or a combination of both. Besides the 3 outputs there is an additional connector for Triggertrap Mobile App and a Micro USB socket for powering and installing updates.

Unlike it’s predecessor the Redsnap is powered by 2 instead of 3 AA batteries, and they assure us that it can run on those for months. Triggertrap Redsnap is modular, so you can customize it yourself. It’s going to be available with a base and 4 sensors which you can combine for triggering from multiple sources, or using separately. You can connect as many sensors as you like at the same time.

Redsnap and a sensor

The 4 available sensors are:

  • laser sensor
  • light sensor
  • sound sensor
  • infrared sensor

The Triggertrap Redsnap base without its additional sensors has also several built in modes:

  • timelapse mode
  • time-warp mode (timelapses with acceleration)
  • HDR photography mode
  • star trail mode


Combining sensors

The amazing feature of Triggertrap Redsnap is the ability to use multiple sensors.

Using different multiple sensors with Triggertrap Redsnap

Enables you to use 2 different sensors at once. For example, you can set Triggertrap Redsnap up to only trigger when the light sensor detects that it’s daytime, and when the sound sensor hears a noise. All sensors can work together or separately which means that you can set up the sensors so it triggers the camera when all the sensors are triggered, or if any of the sensors are triggered.

Crossed-beam sensors

The other option is to use multiples of the same sensor. Imagine a crossed laser beam sensor, for example: By only triggering when two crossed laser-beams are broken, you can determine the location of a moving object in 3D space.

Triggertrap Redsnap with sensors

Triggertrap Redsnap Speed

Laser sensor is the fastest and it can send a signal to Redsnap in under 15 microseconds. (That’s around 1/65000 seconds). The actual delay between the Redsnap and for example flash is somewhere in between 20 and 40 microseconds, which means that the total time from beam break to sending a signal to a flash is between 35 and 55 microseconds. For comparison, Triggertrap v1 was very fast, too, but had an approximate delay from beam break to trigger of 1500 microseconds. Saying that you can imagine the speed improvement.

Triggertrap Redsnap sound triggering
High speed photography by Triggertrap team

Conclusion – Triggertrap Redsnap

In Triggertrap it seems they’ve came up with yet another great thing and an already good trigger made much better. It’s faster, smarter, more versatile and built much better. Would you care to join up community and back up this project, click here: Triggertrap Redsnap on Kickstarter


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