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J-Rod – J-Cube

The J-Cube with accessories mounted on a Canon 5D MkII  

The J-Cube

What we love about the HDSLR world is how people come up with a very niche products to solve a specific problem then build a small business around it.…

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Sonic Fire sound clip on sale

I will be reviewing Sonic Fire Pro soon,  until then, you can download the free Express Track version to play with it and get some single track for only 9.99$ (normal price is 30$ each). This is a great rebate and a good opportunity to stockpile tracks for the next year.…

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New BeachTek products

A while ago, we announced that the BeachTek DXA-5D was discontinued and confirmed that a new version of the product would be out ‘soon’. Soon in this case sounds like the end of February /March. Just got an email from BeachTek announcing these: DXA-5Da Feature Comparison List DXA-SLR $329 US List Price $399 February 25 Available March 30 Passive Circuitry Active no Preamplifiers yes no Phantom Power yes yes Dual Channel yes yes AGC Disable Feature yes/enhanced yes Headphone Monitoring yes LCD vu meter Level Meter good/peak indicator no Playback Monitor yes polycarbonate Chassis aluminum wireless mics Ideal for wireless mics self-powered condenser mics virtually any microphone mixer interface mixer interface I know a lot of people prefer to use en external recording device such as the Zoom H4n but being able to record (and monitor) directly on the 5D means no sync in post which can be a real time saver and less clutter in your bag.…

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BeachTek DXA-5D is gone, long live the … ?

If you were thinking about getting a DXA for Christmas, you may want to call Santa first. It seems like the DXA-5D is back order and will be replaced (soon?) by a new product. I contacted BeachTek and the rep told me they have an alternative product coming soon.…

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