J-Rod – J-Cube

The J-Cube with accessories mounted on a Canon 5D MkII


The J-Cube

What we love about the HDSLR world is how people come up with a very niche products to solve a specific problem then build a small business around it. If you’re into video making, you’re already familiar with all the additional appliances that need to be attached to your camera in some way. How to put a mic + receiver on the camera without resorting to using rigs, that look cool, but are not always the most practical solution.  They add weight, consume space and limit your flexibility. Without a rig, you’re left with only one hot shoe on your DSLR and you can choose between fitting the LED screen, microphone, LED panel, audio recorder etc.

This is where the J-Cube comes in. It’s an adapter you put on your camera hot shoe, which gives you 3 slots to fit your gear in (so it basically adds two new ‘shoes’). These slots are cold, which means they can’t trigger a flash. But if you want to power a pocket wizard, you can always plug it in the PC sync.  It is designed with video in mind because it won’t be much use for flash although as a photographer/videographer you may even use it multipurpose and fit a LCD display and a flash plugged to the PC sync. That way you can use your display while filming, and use the flash while taking photos. Videographers, with the J-Cube attached to a DSLR,  can attach an audio recorder, wireless receiver, a shotgun mic and even LCD or LED panel. So it’s very convenient for the people that operate handheld and still use accessories. Additionally, it is easy for the photographer that has to shoot still photos along with their video.

The J-Cube with accessories mounted on a Canon 5D MkII

When we got the review unit, we were quite surprised to see how tough it was. J-Cube from J-Rod is a very solidly built clever piece of equipment. We were expecting a cheap plastic gizmo but were in for a surprise: this thing is made of anodized aluminum and all the adapter slots are made in metal which is very nice.  A lot of people may be under the impression that the camera hot shoe will break. On the contrary, it will actually hold a lot of weight. Despite its build quality, J-Cube is light in weight. The weight of The J-Cube, wireless receiver, shotgun mic, and audio recorder is actually the same as a Canon flash with batteries! Also included in package were Pro Shoe and Female Pro Shoe, which work hand in hand to attach most anything with a ¼-20 socket to The J-Cube, or mount the J-Cube to a stand, tripod, or anything with a ¼-20 stud.

The J-Cube closer look

Even heavily loaded, the J-Cube held very well and there was no slack in the system, even after we shook it a few times. It remained tight and secure and because of its safety system there is no risk of mounted stuff to slide off.

So, should you get one?

If you have need to mount more than one gear to your shoe mount, is it for recording video + audio, even photography (time-lapse) , this product is going to be God sent. It works as advertised and it is quality built.

You can buy J-Rod products at B&H store here.


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