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List of weather sealed lenses

This question has been asked to me so many times that I decided to make an ‘official’ list that I can refer people to the next time the question pops up in a forum. Before going to the list, you have to know that the weather sealing of the Canon 5DMrkII is marginal.…

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Canon new Rebel does HD!

Canon announced a new Rebel yesterday. Capable of shooting in HD (720p), it is a serious alternative to the 5D. It is not 1080p but lets be honest, 720p is excellent, I resample everything to this size or smaller anyways so this isn’t a problem for msot people.…

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False Manual Video control advertisement from Canon?

Hudson, from the cinema5D forum made an interesting discovery while reading the Canon 5DMrkII white paper (yep, some people really read these things). Look at page 14 the in the middle of the page you will see this: If you read the whole thread you will see that they have tried to contact Canon to have some explanations.…

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