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Timelapse of the #$%#$% Icelandic volcano (not from me)

Saw this time lapse on Vimeo via Petapixel. Shot on a 5DMrkII of course. Awesome right? Well, not when I was there! Here is my view of Eyjafjallajökull when I was in Iceland… Btw, my framing correspond to the same house we see on Sean clip at around 00:42, the bulldozer and other field machinery were leaving when I was shooting.…

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He you from Iceland!

Dont be shy, I know this site has some Icelandic visitors! Here is the proof from Google Analytic: I need your help. I am planing to visit Iceland (exclusively to shoot video/photo) at the end of April. I have a few questions regarding travel in your gorgeous homeland, the first being how I am supposed to pronounce ‘Reykjavik’!…

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