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Tested the D3s last night!

Just a quick heads up to say that I will post tonight a short test clip I did last night with the D3s at ridiculous ISO setting (ISO 25-102k). My only comment is “wow!”. Even with a f2.8 aperture, the camera was able to see stuff that my eyes could not!…

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Should you get a manual focusing lens?

You must have noticed by now that a lot of cinephotographers are using old Nikon or Zeiss lenses with their 5DMrkII. These lenses allow their owner to set the aperture directly on the lens, removing one of the variable of the automatic exposure control in video mode.…

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Link: Photography Bay D700 vs 5DMrkII noise face off

Photography Bay released an interesting comparison between the 5D and the D700. The goal of the test was to see how each body performed in low light at high ISO.  While I am happy the 5D came on top, it had to be expected since it is a more recent model and images were down-sampled to the lower denominator.…

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