Link: Photography Bay D700 vs 5DMrkII noise face off

Photography Bay released an interesting comparison between the 5D and the D700. The goal of the test was to see how each body performed in low light at high ISO. 

While I am happy the 5D came on top, it had to be expected since it is a more recent model and images were down-sampled to the lower denominator. As it is pointed out in the review, there are no totally objective way to make these reviews since so many parameters come into play.

That being said, I disagree with his conclusion stating that Canon should have kept the pixel count lower to have a better ISO performance.

First, down-sampling the pictures shows the 5D already has great performance at the 12 megapixel EPD (Equivalent Pixel Density, just made that up). So, as long as you dont need the full image resolution (when is the last time you printed a A2 anyways?), you know you are going to have a lower noise image.  

The other reason is flexibility. I rather have the choice between noise and resolution than no choice at all. 

People tend to forget that high resolution is required for:

  • Straighten crooked pictures (if you zoom out a bit when taking the shots)
  • Photoshop manipulations

My conclusion after looking at the review? Another test must be done against the D3 just to fuel some brand war, and as luck would have it, I have access to a D3. Stay tuned!

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