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Critique of a user submitted clip

A few times a week, I receive request from videographers to write an article about their most recent work. Most of the time, I point them toward resources like Planet5D Cinema which are designed for these kinds of things. It is not because I don’t like these clips; it is just that I try to keep the site content as closely focused as possible around the HDSLR related technicalities and not the end result.…

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DSLR Cinema book contest winner & new contest!

The month is over (I am actually late by a day!) and the contest winner has been picked (will put name once I have his authorization). The contest was such a success that I decided to repeat the experience for the month of March.…

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Something I shot: Bridal Boudoir Affair 2010

Here is a video I shot during the Bridal Boudoir Affair 2010 event with my friend Robert and his crew. I only did the shooting, Robert did the amazing editing job, as usual. I took care of all the closeups and macro shots, mostly with the 100L2.8IS Macro and I am very happy Robert managed to put so many of these in the final edit.…

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Very cool stop motion of a 5DMrkII Rig

Lance just sent me this video. That is one nice rig and the video clearly shows all of its components. Lance managed to do something I have not done yet: have a rig made out of parts from various manufacturer that does not look like a Christmas tree!…

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Revisiting 500px

I presented 500px a while ago and I think it is time to talk about the boys again. First because anybody who quotes me as a photography reference deserves some free advertisement (in the upgrade section)! Second, because they really improved the site in the last two months!…

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