A Contest: Win DSLR Cinema book!

It seems like I have too many books in my library so I decided to start a small contest to give them away.

The Price

The first price I will be giving away is the very good DSLR Cinema book (review).

How to enter

There are two ways to win:

Either join the HDSLR mailing list by entering your email in the popup window or (if you closed it and do not want to reset your cookies) in the input box on the right column.

OR you can go the Twitter way and follow us (http://twitter.com/canon5dtips) on Twitter. Then retweet this in your timeline:

Enter to win the DSLR Cinema book from Canon5dTips. Pls RT. Info at: http://www.canon5dtips.com/con_1

It is very important to copy/paste the tweet as it is since it is how I am going to find you back!


I will let this run until the end of the month then randomly pick a winner among the people who respected the entry conditions.

Tip: get on the mailing list, there are other good things to get from having your name there!


I really don’t like lawyers so lets just keep them away and say that you can’t enter the contest if you are not allowed to do so for what ever the reason based on your location.

I will pay the shipping cost up to 15$.

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Photography allows me to be what I want to be, to be where I want to be, and to do what I want to do ... I'm not professional photographer and I don't need a title, I love to take photographs and that is what I do, I love to learn and I always try to do it better ...

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