My Fashion Zombie preset: what do you think?

I have had a personal photo project for a while: doing a zombie meets fashion photoshoot. The usual reaction when I start talking about is “WTF?” but lucky me, I found a friend who happens to have a very photogenic face ready to try it out.

So we got some basic makeup on, spilled some fake blood and took a few pictures. Here is a sample of what we go. The picture on the left is with the LR Fashion-Zombie preset and on the right is the same picture after post-processing in PS to add a few layers of texture (something I wish we could do in LR!).

Click on the picture to see a higher resolution version. More pictures in the post…

So my question is? How do you like the PS work? At first I really like the style but the more I look at it, the least I like it. I will have to print a few of these to see how it turns out on paper but I wanted to see if any of you had some ideas.

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