Amazing abstract images made by Photoshop Masters

You can find some pretty amazing image manipulation browsing through the internet. I was always fascinated with the image post process abilities of certain individuals and always admired those who knew how to create stunning effects that look so real in “abstract world”.

You may not need to be a photographer to use your Photoshop skills on a picture but it helps a lot if you are. Understanding and loving photography gives you a solid ground to master your graphic illusions in a way they look like they’re real.

 Two among many

Among many images and photo manipulation I saw, I stumbled upon this two “Masters”, check out their work, like them, follow them, learn from them.


Martin de Pasquale

An artist and photographer from Argentina, Martin de Pasquale  has some great ideas and great achievements. Here are some of them shown below, as photographer I understand some basics and I can do some simple edits, but what Martin does, is beyond my skills and knowledge, look for your self:

pasquale_jabuka_00 pasquale_voda_00 pasquale_noc pasquale_neboder

Martin even made “timelapse” – 5 minute long “Speed Art” video:

You can check and follow Martin’s amazing work here:




Erik Johansson

Erik Johansson (Sweden)  is as well photographer and retouch artist. Ability to understand photography and retouching enables him to create almost anything that you can imagine.

Road5 minute video how he made above picture, where you can see how Masters do their work, truly amazing.

Having an understanding of each step of the process from sketch to final image gives total control of the whole work flow.

vasen fisk groundbreaking


You can see more behind the scenes in this short (2:41 min) video:

You can follow Erik Johansson work here:




Maybe just by looking at all these pictures you’ll get a sudden urge to try and do something amazing yourself. The thrill can always be to figure out how something was done but making your own original makes it even more satisfying. There are plenty of tutorials how to do Photo manipulation using Adobe Photoshop. To be real master of Photoshop you need time and effort.

Some great tutorials to get you started:

Youtube Search

75 Excellent Photo Manipulation Tutorials

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