Revisiting 500px

I presented 500px a while ago and I think it is time to talk about the boys again.

First because anybody who quotes me as a photography reference deserves some free advertisement (in the upgrade section)!

Second, because they really improved the site in the last two months! There are lot of small refinements, such as the ability to embed pictures to name one, and big ones like being able to create an online portfolio.

While the basic portfolio is free, and very basic, it does its job well: load pictures super fast and put the focus on what is important: your pictures. If you are curious, take a quick look at my pictures from Iceland here.

There is also a paid plan (5$/month) to unlock a set of pro features (unlimited stuff, more themes, remove 500px branding…).

No need to be a genius to guess that 500px is going to add more features in the upcoming months to compete against the other premium portfolio services but even in its current state, I think it is a very decent offer.

500px also has something other photo sharing sites don’t: its overall community is made out of  ridiculously skilled photographers. Seriously, take a look at the pics under the popular tag. I dont see this level of art & technique often on Flickr or SmugSmug. Being part of such a community will make you grow as a photographer and challenge you to always aim higher.

So take a moment and go check them out and vote up some of my pictures! :-)

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Photography allows me to be what I want to be, to be where I want to be, and to do what I want to do ... I'm not professional photographer and I don't need a title, I love to take photographs and that is what I do, I love to learn and I always try to do it better ...

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