Photography allows me to be what I want to be, to be where I want to be, and to do what I want to do ... I'm not professional photographer and I don't need a title, I love to take photographs and that is what I do, I love to learn and I always try to do it better ...

Add layers in LightRoom!

When working with still images, I am a big layer user. And that is actually something that really annoyed me when using Aperture or Lightroom: both of these apps require an external editor to use layers. This basically means firing up Photoshop and working on huge TIFF files.…

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RedRock EVF delayed – vaporware?

Seems like my prediction that we would not see the RRM electronic view finder in 2011 is coming to reality. While I love to be proven right, I am a bit sad since I really wanted to see more competitors in this market segment.…

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Technicolor released the Color compatible LUT file

Thanks again to my friend Robert Cato for pointing to me that Technicolor has added an Apple Color compatible LUT file for their S-Curve LUT. It means you no longer have to use the LUT buddy plugin. It makes using Technicolor picture style even easier which adds another reason why you should be shooting with it!…

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Interview with a YouTube Millionaire

Do you remember Chad Bonanno? We talk about his a few months ago when he shot a parkour video for the Tempest team. Well, if you have been on Youtube recently, you have probably seen his latest creation: an advertisement video for the Tempest Freerun Academy.…

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Video on how to install EOS Utility from the updater

I made a quick video to show how to convert the Canon EOS Utility updater into an installer so you can install it if you lost your original DVD. I know I already explained how to do it in this post but I am currently thinking about converting all my tutorials into videos so I wanted to hear what you guys think about it.…

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Technicolor going to make an Apple Color compatible LUT?

My friend Robert Cato send an email to Technicolor about their LUT, asking:

Hello, Will there be an .mga apple color compatible  S-curve shaped LUT available for download?
Here is the answer from the Technicolor CineStyle team:
Hello Robert, Thank you for your interest and downloading of our CineStyle Picture Style for the Canon EOS family of cameras.

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