RedRock EVF delayed – vaporware?

Seems like my prediction that we would not see the RRM electronic view finder in 2011 is coming to reality. While I love to be proven right, I am a bit sad since I really wanted to see more competitors in this market segment.

The thing I don’t understand is RRM justification (over at planet5D). Basically they want to slash the price in half while maintaining all the important features. What about just delivering the thing at the same price as the Zacuto EVF? The interest generated by the Zacuto EVF proves that demand is there and needs to be satisfied. HDSLR manufacturers are not social enterprise. People who care that much about the price are not the type of client you want anyway.

Given the choice between getting it now at full price or next year at half the price, I think it is clear what people will pick.
This sounds like the only excuse they could find to justify delaying the product once more.

Speaking of delays, anyone wants to place a bet about the delivery date of the RedRock microRemote? It still says Spring 2011 on their website and they publicly committed for mid-June. Let see how it goes.

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