HDSLR Conference, the day after

Gave the first of my two talks last night at the Montreal Final Cut user group with Mathieu. It was a fun night and I learned a lot from others experiences. Some people raised very specific questions that I couldn’t answer right away so I will use the blog to answer them in the next few days.…

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HDSLR conference tomorrow

I have spent the last few days working on the content for my presentation at the HDSLR conference at the Montreal Final Cut Pro user group. We have a lot of great sponsors who sent us gear to test and I would like to thank them: Lozeau (camera store in Montreal who loan us a lot of stuff), Zacuto (for a Marksman and Sharp shooter) and Shape (Sumo shoulder rig).…

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My thoughts about the 5DMrkII firmware update

A little bit eclipsed by the announcement of the 1DMrkIV, the announcement of an upcoming firmware update for the Canon 5DMrkII that would give it 24p and 25p is, for most people much more news worthy. The first benefit of shooting in 24p is, of course, getting the elusive film look we have been talking about since almost a year.…

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CAnon 1DMrkIV announced

It was expected, it is now out. You can read the Canon official announcement here and look at its spec sheet here. Basically, it is a 7D with a 1.3 crop, 10fps, 16mpx sensor. Here is a list of the key features: New 16.1 Megapixel APS-H CMOS sensor 10 frames per second continuous shooting Up to 121 large JPEG images in a single burst New 45-point wide area AF with 39 cross-type sensors with f/2.8 sensitivity High-speed Dual “DIGIC 4” processors for superb image quality 12,800 high ISO expandable up to 102,400 Full HD movie recording at 30, 25 and 24 frames per second 3.0” Clear View II LCD with Live View mode Durable dust and water resistant body with 76 rubber seals I have to admit that the 10fps is a bit of a let down for sport shooters hoping for more.…

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D3s is out, but no need to pay attention.

It is out, and while I don’t really enjoy Nikon bashing because I think they make great stills camera, I have to say that I am not impressed. While it is going to be a great tool for photographers who wants to be able to shoot occasional clips, its lack of manual control over fps, short HD clip duration (5mins) and restriction to 720p, is really limiting!…

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Have you looked at the MagicLantern firmware recently?

Up until two days ago, I did not. Oh boy, was I in for a surprise! Trammel has been working hard and added a few cool features. Some of these will be in the next firmware update, so stay alert.

1080i output from the HDMI out of the camera

Why this is great?…

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Magic Lantern developper got a 7D!

Just saw this on twitter. An anonymous donor gave a 7D to Hudson. While you might be thinking “So what? I have a 5DMrkII!” and even be a bit frustrated to know the 7D might take some time away from Hudson to work on the 5DMrkII, this could be in fact a good news.…

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