HDSLR Conference, the day after

Gave the first of my two talks last night at the Montreal Final Cut user group with Mathieu. It was a fun night and I learned a lot from others experiences. Some people raised very specific questions that I couldn’t answer right away so I will use the blog to answer them in the next few days.

The attendees were coming from a wide variety of backgrounds (about 50% photographers) and it was interesting to see how each domain had its own vision of the HDSLRs.

We might have only have been 60 people, but I think we were the conference with the biggest selection of camera and rigs! Attendees could try: 5DMrkII, 7D, 90D, D300s, E-P1 and GH1 bodies mounted on Shape, Zacuto or Red Rock Micro rigs! The Zacuto Z-Finder was the star of the night with a lot of people wanting to try it out to see if it lived to the hype. I think Zacuto is going to receive a few more orders in the next few days!

I would like to thank everyone who came, sorry if I did not have the time to talk to everyone. If you want to follow up on our conversations or start a new one, just email me. And if you have any pictures of the event, please send them to me! That is something we totally forgot to do.

Dont forget my golden rule: if the image does not look good, just convert it to black and white and boost contrast!

Also worthy of notification: Canon5DTips has reached the 500+ RSS subscribers and we have been averaging over 2000 visits per day for a while now!

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