2011: setting goals

I read this a while ago on Marc Andre Cournoyer blog (A Montreal based Ruby developer)

Knowing where you’re going greatly increase your chances of getting there.

and loved the idea of setting yearly goals. Since posting them on the internet would increase their odds of success, here is my list for 2011:

Double daily traffic on this blog

While this blog has a steady flow of traffic, I would love to see it grow even more. As most of you know, traffic is the name of the game in the blogosphere and having more of it can’t hurt!

Give another HDSLR conference

I have given a few private classes in 2010 which were very well received but I would like to talk to a bigger crowd. As far as I know, it is the fastest way to connect with people and make new friends!

Release another successful HDSLR related website

This goal feels a bit like cheating since I started to work on the site in 2010 and it is almost ready for launch but…

Publish an art book

I have had this idea stuck in my head for over a year now and 2011 will be the year I finally commit the required resources and time to do it. This is a personal project involving hundreds of hours and an undisclosed amount of money (in case the wife watches the blog…). Good luck guessing what it will be about!

Shoot way more stills

The switch to video really hurt my production of stills. In the last year, I shot less than 100gigs (which includes 2 weddings, a trip to Iceland and a newborn baby!) and I really miss it.

Shoot/Edit one (very short) movie every week (!)

Impossible? I will see. I really want to improve my edit skills and track the progress of my baby girl so why not mixing both and do short clips of her evolution?

At least my wife supports me at 100% for this one!

That is it!

This will not be easy but what fun would be if it was? Some of these goals can only be reached with your help so I really count on you guys!

Any of you have some photography/videography related goals for 2011?

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