Canon EOS 7D Mark II rumors

Canon EOS 7D Mark II

Canon EOS 7D Mark II has been the topic of rumors for a past year. As the owners of the actual 7D we think that the best way to improve an already solid and fast APS-C camera, would be to change its sensor to a larger one (for example a 1.3x crop size) and therefore create better image quality. Since that’s highly unlikely to happen, the reasonable expectations are improvement in FPS and the new focusing system – probably the one that 5D Mark III and 1D-X use. The best improvement should be the new sensor cause the actual one is by far the weakest point of the 7D. Although the sensor won’t get any larger we hope at least for the new generation of APS-C to be implemented in the new Canon EOS 7D mark II.

There’s been a lot of talking about the EOS 7D successor but no official announcement from Canon. One of the suggestion is that the Canon EOS 7D Mark II will become a bit more video oriented.

Canon EOS 7D mark II

It’s being said that any follow-up to the EOS 7D will get a new sensor and will not use the 20.2mp sensor that is found in the EOS 70D but some say that it will use the same Dual Pixel AF as well as the built-in wifi and GPS. Whom to trust – only time will tell

Canon is waiting and announcing only some new small cameras for 2014 and therefore wanting to see what kind of success they’ll have with the revamped xxD line. The 70D looks like an APS-C winner spec wise and we’ll have to wait and see how people feel about it in the real world.

Canon EOS 7D mark II specification

20.2mp APS-C

10 fps

Video features improved

ISO 100-25600

A “new” AF system, probably built on the EOS-1D X system

Dual Pixel AF (possibly improved)

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