Issue with my 5D Mark II

I know this is totally not related to my previous installation of the Z-Finder(it is just a bad coincidence), but since Sunday morning my 5D has been behaving strangely.

In still mode, everything works fine but when I switch to liveview the shutter starts to flip randomly between 2-10 seconds. If I press the record button, it stops flipping and record normally. The flipping action is exactly the same as if the camera was in burst mode, except no pictures are taken. If I press the AF ON button while it is flipping, it will eventually stop, acquire focus and either stop flipping or not once I release the button.

To fix the issue, IĀ  have tried to: change batteries, use another lens, clean everything, use manual focus and change camera settings. Nothing worked.

I Googled about this without success. Am I the first person experiencing this issue?

I am calling the store today to have it fixed. How much do you want to bet that I wont be able to reproduce the problem once in the store?

Of course this issue appeared the day I was shooting an engagement clip and did not have my spare 5d Mark II with me! GRrr

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