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Issue with my 5D Mark II

I know this is totally not related to my previous installation of the Z-Finder(it is just a bad coincidence), but since Sunday morning my 5D has been behaving strangely. In still mode, everything works fine but when I switch to liveview the shutter starts to flip randomly between 2-10 seconds.…

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Custom Function: Autofocus Micro adjustment

Unless you are very lucky, you have probably noticed that not all your lenses focus perfectly every time. Some might focus a little bit in front of the subject, others a bit behind it. These issues appear mostly when using a long and wide aperture lens such as the 50mm 1.8 (or 1.4) where the depth of field is less than 1cm.…

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How meta tagging could be improved in Aperture 3

I dont know if you tag, but I do. I try to do it a lot and sometimes it makes me think that the guys at Apple dont use the tagging interface at all… First, as I said in the past, when you open the Keyword HUD, the cursor should be in the search field.…

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Hot Pixels in video mode!!!

The issue

At first, I thought it was dust. Dust on the sensor or on the lens. Then, after watching every single video I shot since I got the camera, I saw something worst than the black dot problem: hot pixels!…

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Flickering issue with the Canon 100mm2.8 Macro

The problem

I was doing some test recording with my macro, for a small test project I had in mind, when I noticed the image flickering when I was focusing in and out. At first I thought it was just my eye but the issue was still there when I looked at the video playback.      …

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