It is a HDSLR not a HD DSLR!

This one has been one of my biggest pet peeve for a while and I think it is time to use my very limited influence to correct this:

We should say HDSLR, not HD DSLR!

You probably know what a SLR camera is: SLR standing for Single Lens Reflex. A few years ago, the D was added for “Digital”. Actually, it should have been NSLR for Numeric SLR (since the SLR at the time were already using digital technologies) but I think marketing departments thought it did not sound cool enough and went with DSLR.

Fast forward a few years and the term HDSLR starts popping around as an acronym for Hybrid Digital Single Lens Reflex. By hybrid we mean a camera that can take both stills and videos.

The fact that the first popular HDSLR (Nikon D90) recorded in HD made a few people call these HD DSLR for High Definition Digital SLR but if you think for a moment; it does not make sense because:

  • DSLR already produced high definition images
  • It does not say anything about the video capability of the camera.

So a DSLR that can shoot video should be called HDSLR! Pass the word.

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