Rabari – Encounters With the Nomadic Tribe

RABARI – Encounters with the nomadic tribe – by MITCHELL KANASHKEVICH

The "What" and the "Why" of post processing
The "What" and the "Why" of post processing

Find Out Exactly How Award-Winning Travel Photographs Are Taken

Before I started reading this book, I took a look at the pictures first. I liked them a lot and began to read what’s it all about. One by one I studied these images and read all the information regarding the circumstances and techniques used. It’s written very clearly and easy to follow with lots of interesting stuff about the preparation, moment, lighting and the subject itself. There are about 40 images inside but 10 of them described in details, giving you a nice inside in how they were made one by one. It provides you with some lessons, particularly useful for beginning travel, documentary or people pho­tographer, or anyone generally curious about these genres.

Kutch Diamond
Kutch Diamond

But what I later found out after reading about all these pictures, made me both very surprised and happy. For those who think that you need the latest, greatest equipment to take good photographs, I hope that seeing the list of equipment which was used for this proj­ect will be an eye opener. Author used a Canon 400D / Rebel XTi – yeah, an entry level dSLR capable of producing great results. Some may say, ok, but he must of had some L-series lenses then… ? Well, no. He used Canon 50mm f/1.8 (the cheap, plastic one), Canon 28mm f/2.8 and Sigma 20mm f/1.8 for those wide angle shots. For lightning he used Photoflex 5-in-1 collapsible reflector.

This photographic journey is about nomadic Indian cattle herders called the Rabari. The author chose to focus on them because they fascinated him and because much of what is visually unique about them is changing so rapidly.

Each section of this guide is divided up into subsections so that you can easily find the information like:

Background information

There’s a bit of a background story on how each image was made.


Sub-section is about the aims and goals for a particular photo where you will also get a good feel for approaching the subject in general


Section is to help you gain a deeper understanding of light through analyzing the way it was used for each photograph.

Moment and/or pose

Talks about the pose that a person assumes and about how the photographer got the subjects to pose in certain ways

The “What” and the “Why” of post processing

This sub-section is all about demystifying the idea that the photographs you see come out perfectly, directly from the camera. Post-processing is an inte­gral part of each photograph.

Word from the author:

My philosophy on the limitations we have as far as getting gear is simple – get something good enough and go out and shoot. Don’t waste time on “ifs” and “buts”. The only way to grow photographically is to take photos. Most cameras these days are much more capable than the average photographer and if there are limitations, look at them as creative challenges.

You can get copy of Rabari book .



  • Fantastic, informative, concise book. I have taken a lot of portraits before and some were, to me, great. Now I see where I didn’t ‘push’ it further. I always have had an aversion to post-processing as I believe a photograph is always what comes out of the camera. But upon reading this book, it’s taught me that a small amount of post-processing that ‘brings out’ the best in a photo is what’s required. I will now go and work on my previous portraits and look forward to taking many more with what I’ve learnt from this book.
  • Hey Guys, I have already finished the book and about to start reading it again. Bloody fantastic initiative. I have learnt so much about portraiture on the move. I am about to head overseas for a month and will be picking up a new reflector very soon! I am looking for the next instlement!


What is best, this e-book has guarantee:

“100% Money Back Guarantee – Forever”

If you’re not happy with your purchase, ever, then we will refund your purchase. No questions.”

Get your copy of Rabari book here , you will not regret it.


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