Top 15 WordPress Themes for Photographers


WordPress has become one of the most popular blogging tools available today. It is a powerful Content Management System (CMS) that is great for blogging, building websites, and much more. Another key point is that WordPress has search engine optimization (SEO). Content is easily managed and updated without having extensive knowledge of HTML. Admin interference is no longer restricted to webmasters.

Developers were quick to recognize the potential of WordPress and are now creating plug-ins, themes and widgets for even more variety in your website or blog. Below are some of some of the top premium themes that we recommend. Paid themes are more advantageous because of the customer support, upgrades and of course premium features, not to mention top-of-the-line design. site is as well running on WordPress Engine.

 Note: Responsive themes are good for mobile phones and other handheld devices, but there are enough plugins that can turn any, or at least help with alternative themes for your WordPress site, for mobile and other device users.

Some themes from this list are great for Photo and Video in same time. Check list of features and check live preview to see which theme suit your needs the best. Check video theme top list: Top 15 WordPress Themes for Video (vlog)

 1. Photorific

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Photorific is a neat WordPress theme that features unlimited sidebars and three widgets, namely Recent, Popular, Flickr, among many others. It is a premium WordPress theme that is particularly appealing for photographers because of the wide space allotted for photo posts. Its sleek design and video support makes it a viable choice for photographers of all kinds.

List of Features - Photorific

2. Viewfinder


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Viewfinder comes in two options for you to choose from: dark and light — great for those who have difficulty choosing between “on white” or “on black” backgrounds. It is minimal in design, which paves the way for the visual impact of your photos. There is plenty of room to maneuver the different settings to better suit your preferences, whilst still retaining its simplicity.

List of Features - Viewfinder

3. Panorama

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It doesn’t get much better than full screen space for a photographer looking to showcase his work to the wide, wide web. Not all people are confident enough to post their work at this size, but for those who do, check out Panorama by themeforest. Knowledge of programming [particularly PHP5] is required to fully utilize this theme, and when you do, you’ll be amazed at how far you can customize your website. Content is viewed in slide form, providing a seamless and professional feel to your galleries.

List of Features - Panorama Full Screen

4. Gallerific 2

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Gallerific 2 is a must-try for any serious photographer. It’s complete without seeming cluttered; sophisticated but not coming across as too much. It boasts some great features like custom post types, widgets and a custom-built homepage slider. Best of all, it’s totally free to all Gallerific customers!

List of Features - Gallerific 2

5. Momento (responsive)

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Momento is another well-designed theme out of the Obox factory. It is a WordPress Theme on a seemingly basic design, but with a scalable layout (responsive). One of the most important things in showcasing photos is the compatibility of the theme with the dimensions of both landscape and portrait-oriented photos. No more stress figuring out how to re-size your photos to fit your theme! Momento takes care of this problem with its full-width slider. You can also use this theme to incorporate your blog into your website.

List of Features - Momento

6. Knead (responsive)

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Knead is simple way to show your work with portfolio template page. The template offers three different column layouts to choose from. Knead theme has that simple (minimal design) look, it’s incredibly easy to navigate without having to sacrifice the design aspect of your site. You can use it as standard blog with side widgets as well. Knead offers two color options for you to choose from (light or dark).

List of Features - Knead

Note: Somewhat lower rating from users on Themeforest, but we believe support solved issues members had, after changes this theme is 5 star as well.

7. Photolist

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Photolist is yet another sleek design theme. It features a unique photo slider that extends across the full width of your screen, without detracting from the overall minimalist impact. A new gallery plugin lets you drag and drop your photos for faster customization. It also has built-in filters like negative, brightness, Gaussian blur, contrast, grayscale and colorize for you to choose from. The quotes custom post type feature is useful for showcasing positive feedback about your work on your homepage, to pique clients’ interests. It comes in seven different colors that are all equally attractive should you decide to change things up a bit once in a while.

List of Features - Photolist

8. Azione (mobile compatible) – New

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Azione takes a very modern approach to online portfolios because of Obox Mobile. Obox Mobile is a WordPress plugin that converts your site and makes it compatible with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Azione also allows unlimited videos in a categorized format. 940 pixels of viewing space is more than enough for showcasing photos and HD videos.

List of Features - Azione

9. Blocco (responsive)

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Blocco is a cool, almost retro style photography theme that utilizes a “block” style to showcase your blogs, portfolios, medias and much more. Links are placed as tabs on the right hand portion of the page, customizable to include your social media links. Not only is it a great way to showcase your photos, it is optimized for videos as well. Its “responsive design” which adheres the site to suit your chosen device (laptop, tablet, mobile).

List of Features - Blocco

10. Folio Elements

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The Folio Elements is a minimalistic theme, featuring a slider to showcase your photos. Viewers simply need to click on the arrow buttons to browse through your photos. The black background provides a good contrast to your photos. Links on the upper right hand portion of the page are customizable. Each video or photo has details on mouse over.

Easy way to show your work with no extra stuff that gets on the way, very minimalistic design that points out what is most important, and that is your work. Each post can contain either 1 video or up to 6 images within a photo set.

List of Features - Folio Elements

11. DeepFocus

Live Preview

The DeepFocus WordPress theme by elegantthemes was created as a CMS with Page-Based structure; however, it can be used as a regular blog as well. Thumbnails are re-sized automatically to create a uniform look. For ads and announcements, a 125×125 and a 468×60 space are allotted. This space is modified through wp-admin and can easily be turned on and off. With the gallery layout, robust blog and CMS-style homepage as well, making a DeepFocus an amazing solution for artists/photographers looking to build an online presence.

List of Features - DeepFocus

12. Envisioned

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Envisioned comes in five color schemes (blue, gray, green, purple, brown). What’s great about this theme is how easily you can control it with the ePanel theme options. The use of shortcodes can help shorten your workflow in dealing with functionality and the variety of your content. The theme’s MO and PO files enable you to translate the theme’s design without the hassle of hunting through PHP files. Easy to use, nice effects, makes it one of the best themes for photographs out there.

List of Features - Envisioned

13. ePhoto

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ePhoto is a fabulous theme for those who wish to convert their blog into a gallery, most especially photographers. Other artists can also make us of this theme, as it is an efficient way of showcasing digital imagery. The content will be image-based, but there is a separate page where normal text blog posts can be integrated alongside photo posts. It comes in two skins — black and blue — that can be accessed at the Theme Options page. Its smooth, tabless design is something to consider.

List of Features - ePhoto

14. Statua

Live Preview

Statua is theme from Woothemes that is incredibly easy to customize. It features a minimalist style that is attractive to many. Photography-wise, it allows a variety of options that can alter the look of your photography portfolio or photoblog, whether it is single image posts or image galleries for bulk images. There are three layouts for the homepage for you to choose from. Statua also has a layout for photos in a grid style as an overview of a number of photos all at once. Another homepage layout worth mentioning is the one emphasizing the photo sliders. Overall the theme is very flexible, with many layouts and settings that photographers would have fun combining to produce different effects to showcase their work.

List of Features - Statua


15. ClearPhoto

Live Preview

ClearPhoto is a theme designed for photography enthusiasts and anyone with a portfolio wishing to showcase their work. It features a clean and elegant layout with a variety of features that also make it a good choice for business websites and blogs, or even online magazines.

List of Features - ClearPhoto


Hosting for WordPress sites

While visual effects, simplicity, functionality are very important for every website, most important is platform that serves clients. Shared hosting companies offer a lot for “nothing”, but when your site want more resources you might consider best WordPress hosting there is: WPEngine hosting.


Providers of above listed themes

There are plenty of other themes that could help you build amazing site. You might check providers of themes and find what you like the most:



Elegantthemes is one of the popular WordPress theme provider because themes are made very user-friendly, even without knowledge and skills in designing and programming. The ‘ePanel’ or options page lets you customize your site in many unique combinations. Each theme comes equipped with a widget-ready sidebar, custom thumbnail images, search bar and gravatar ready feature among others. Unlimited access to all of their themes for only $39, great value. They offer Handheld Theme, HandHeld works in tandem with your normal theme, and is only used when the plugin detects that your visitor is using a mobile phone.



Woothemes is a provider of themes developed using CSS, PHP and WordPress. These themes cater to a variety of functions such as magazine, portfolio, business and personal types. The backend part of the theme allows you to customize your page the way you like it without having to code it. You can also combine features from more than one theme. Resizing thumbnails and size of text is made easy with the auto-sizing feature. The unique Woo framework allows for custom page templates and even translation features. However, Woothemes is not as compatible cross-browser unlike Elegantthemes and Obox-design.

You have two options, buy themes separately and get 2-3 bonus themes, cheapest solution but you don’t get PSD files. Or the club participation which  is perfect for multi-site owners, freelancers, and web agencies needing access to ALL their themes.




Themeforest is one of the most popular marketplace for template developers such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento and many more. Themes have excellent functionality with an extensive network of tools that provide you a great number of options so that you can fine-tune every detail of you site. There are three main categories for Themeforest WordPress themes: blog, e-commerce and CMS or Content Management System. With over 750 premium WP themes to choose from and counting, customers will have a lot to consider.

Themeforest is part of big company name envato, and under same page you can easily browse and buy from other envato markets such as audiojungle, themeforest, videohive, codecanyon, photodune and others. Great thing about this market is that you can get all on one place.



Press75 is among the known theme providers of clean, unique and efficient WordPress themes. Users are faced with an interface with excellent content management options and features. One of the downsides to this provider is their rather limited selection of themes. At 17, they are behind other providers such as Woothemes, Elegantthemes, etc; however, they do release a new theme every month. Press75 Themes are also not SEO-friendly, but that problem is easily solved with free WordPress SEO plug-ins, like All in One Seo, or Platinum SEO.

Press75 has three very interesting packages:

Single – get 1 theme by your choice with lifetime updates and support

Essential – get all themes + all themes for 1 year

Lifetime – get all themes for lifetime



Quality Themes, Quality Support

Obox-design themes were developed with both websites and blogs in mind, particular for business, news, portfolio and entertainment. Like Press75, their selection is considerably smaller than other providers; however, the diversity of themes is sufficient. Obox themes are good across browsers and are search engine optimized.

Themeforest include Obox themes in their marketplace.

Very interesting package from Obox:

Single Pack – 3 themes included

Developer Pack – 2 themes included with PSD and Obox Mobile

Membership Pack – all themes with everything



Premium WordPress Themes

Solostream is not so known WordPress theme provider, but they offer themes that are easy to customize and search engine optimized. Multiply page templates allow for variety within your site. Expect great support via forums, tutorials and videos. It’s relatively cheap, at $79 for 21 professionally designed themes.

May be cheapest from above:

Basic – get all themes with free update 1 month, free support 1 month

Silver – get whole package with everything, PSD included, 3 months updates and 3 months support, 1 theme each month, revenue is Quarterly

Gold – get everything as above with 12 months support, 12 months updates, revenue is annually

Solostream is different from others cause they have videos to help you get going with your site, and can help you how to generate more traffic and make better content on your site.

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