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My new 5DMrkII favorite clip

While browsing the clips on dslrflix I found this story of a kid who wants to box. The story is compelling and there are some very well edited sequences (when it switches the view from the father to the kid when talking about is health issues). …

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Zacuto product video

With the release of the CAnon 5DMrkII (and to some extend the Nikon D90), a whole new industry is taking shape: low budget film making. As with the coming of any new market, a supporting industry has to take shape. A few suppliers have already stepped in and my favorite so far has to be Zacuto.…

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Exposure control videos from Bruce Dorn

Bruce released 3 very informative video on his website about how you can control the exposure of the Canon 5DMarkII using neutral density filters. The principle is simple: if there is too much light, the camera will close the aperture, which in turn will increase the depth of field.…

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