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Custom Function: Autofocus Micro adjustment

Unless you are very lucky, you have probably noticed that not all your lenses focus perfectly every time. Some might focus a little bit in front of the subject, others a bit behind it. These issues appear mostly when using a long and wide aperture lens such as the 50mm 1.8 (or 1.4) where the depth of field is less than 1cm.…

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The impact of the Canon 5D firmware update

Now that everyone is aware of the incoming firmware upgrade, I think it is time to talk about its impacts on the way we have been working with it so far. You might be surprised by this but there is more to this update than being able to isolate your girlfriend from the background the next time you film her on the beach… I am going to cover these changes over the next few days, one aspect at the time, starting now.…

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