Zacuto releases a super portable rig

Zacuto announced a very minimal rig system today: the DSLR Gorilla kits. The idea is simple: staying as light and compact as possible. This is, of course, in direct reaction to the line of light weight rig from Red Rock Micro. Who said that competition is not good?

Personally, I think removing the follow focus is a good idea. I never figured out why Red Rock put one on such a small rig.

Enough reading, lets take a look at the promo clip.

I have to admit, they managed to convinced me! I have been carrying my full cine rig in the woods for a few weekends to shoot my friends doing bouldering and it was no fun. By the time we found a boulder and I finished setting up the camera on the tripod, my friend were already climbing and I missed the start of the problem (and sometimes the whole sequence). And do not get me started on the logistics of carrying tripod + head + rails + follow focus + camera in the woods! A rig like this would be super easy to carry around and I would be ready to shoot before they even put their shoes on.

Of course this is one expensive gorilla! After all, we are talking about Zacuto stuff here and you will have to pull at least 550$ off your wallet to get the bare minimum. Add to this another 400$ for the Z-finder and you might have to have a conversation with the wife.

By the way, the Z-finder is NOT included in the packages contrary to what the pictures show. Some people are going to have a nasty surprise.

Now the question: which one should I pick?

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