Got a reply from On One software about the DSLR Remote

I received a reply from Mike Wong @ On One regarding my review of the DSLR Remote iPhone application. Mike had the generosity to go over each element I outlined in the wish list and to give us a glimpse of what is coming in the 1.1 update. So here is the relevant part of the email (with my comments).

Auto focus

Assuming that you are not shooting in Live View mode and that your lens is set to AF, the camera will automatically attempt to auto-focus when you press the fire button. You’re not alone in asking this question though so I’m going to be soliciting some feedback from users to find out more about what people are looking for here. As for focusing during Live View, that is something we have planned for a 1.1 update.

Yes, I was thinking about Live View.

Video recording

Also planned for the 1.1 release is to add start & stop for the video recording function on the 5D Mark II

YES! If we could change exposure settings while shooting, it would be even better ;-)

Adding filters to the live view

I’m not sure how we would do this. I’ll share the feedback with the product team though.

Big screen mode

If you rotate the iPhone to landscape mode, the controls disappear.

Oups, my fault! When I tried to rotate my iPhone while I was testing the app and nothing happened. I will blame this on my iPhone then.

Bracketing Assistant

Another feature we have planned for the 1.1 release.


Shortcuts to some user made presets

If you set up your C1, C2 and C3 buttons with a custom function and then move the dial to one of them, the camera shoots in those modes. You just can’t change into one of those modes from the iPhone.

Too bad, I guess we can’t get everything we ask for in a single update.

Thank you very much for the response Mike. If you have not done so yet, go get the app before the special pricing ends (in$ instead of 20$). Looking at the incoming features of the next release, it is  a no brainer!

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