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Best 5 Photography Applications for iPhone/iPad

Here is our list of cool photo applications for iphone or ipad that we think you may consider if you’re into iphone photography or just like to add some style to your everyday pictures. Some of them are free so you can test them right away.…

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New product from Apple at NAB?

Ok, I know my track record with rumors is not that great, but… Last week, I attended  a talk about Color at the Montreal Final Cut usergroup and, at the end, a rep from a third party reseller told us that he had been ask by Apple to schedule meetings after the NAB with his clients who have attended the conference.…

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5DMrkII + iPad = ?

The conference was not over this afternoon and I had already received a few emails and SMS from friends telling me how great of an external screen the iPad could be. And now even Philip Bloom  talks about it. I am currently downloading the iPhone SDK3.2 to investigate the possibility but if it is doable,  I am not the one who will do it!…

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