Best 5 Photography Applications for iPhone/iPad

Here is our list of cool photo applications for iphone or ipad that we think you may consider if you’re into iphone photography or just like to add some style to your everyday pictures. With some cool Phone Cover, it enlightens your mood and gives your iphone, a new look.

Some of the apps are free so you can test them right away.


Photo: Patricia Ramos

With over 15 million users worldwide, Instagram is one of the most popular apps for the iPhone. Much like Twitter and Facebook, your home page lets you view all your contacts’ recent photos and “heart” them. You can also configure your account to automatically post to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Tumblr among others.

The app includes 16 unique filters that can give your photo various retro and vintage effects as well as options to tilt-shift. When you are happy with your results, you can either save it to your camera roll, or continue adding a caption and geotag it, then share. To stay updated, you can “Follow” your friends, or you can check out the “Popular” tab where Instagram features the most recent popular images taken by all the other users. The “News” tab shows you all recent activity on your stream and the latest actions of your followers as well.

Instagram comes highly recommended because it’s free, easy to use and of decent quality. It’s a wonderful way to turn ordinary snapshots into something more.

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Photo: Patricia Rramos

For disposable camera fanatics, this app is for you. Plastic film cameras come with a certain novelty that is notably absent in the age of digital. Synthetic Corp, the makers of Hipstamatic, came up with the idea to bring back disposable cameras with the ability to share your photos with your family and friends.

The app comes bundled with free ‘cameras’ and different kinds of film. “Hipstapaks” are available if you decide explore other variants. Selecting a camera is as easy as swiping through the interchangeable lenses, after which you can also choose a film. Like all disposable cameras and films, effects will vary depending on the combination. The small viewfinder at the center of the screen allows a limited field of view that can be magnified by double tapping. Even the user interface is reminiscent of the old film cameras to give you an end-to-end vintage feel.

Hipstamatic encourages community interaction with the “Family Album” and “Enter in Contest” features. Other tools include the option to order prints of the photos you have taken.

Overall, this clever little app is fun to experiment with and engaging to the user. At $1.99, it’s reasonably prices for the amount of detail put into it.

Get your copy of Hipstamatic here


Camera Awesome

Photo: Patricia Rramos
Camera Awsome

Camera Awesome is a nifty app that has pretty much everything you’d need in your iPhone camera. The best part is it’s free! It comes packed with a lot of awesome (pun intended) features such as image stabilization, slow burst, fast burst (low res), timer, interval and “Big Button” mode which turns the whole screen into a shutter button. Editing is made simpler with 63 filters and 108 presets for sale at around $0.99 per pack of nine, as well as a variety of frames and textures. The “Awesomeize” tab applies quick but intelligent tweaks of sharpness, temperature, vibrance and contrast. To fine-tune the adjustments, there’s the “Awesomeness” slider and the individual sliders for each of the adjustments tucked away. For cropping purposes, it has the standard rule of thirds, the golden triangle and the tri-sec guides as well.

Camera Awesome is a free all-in-one app with premium features. If you are interested in processing your photos a little on the heavy side, this app is for you.

Get your copy of Camera Awesome for free here



Photo: Patricia Rramos

New photography apps pop up on the appstore everyday, but the ones of good quality are a dime a dozen. Snappr simulates a fisheye effect on your photos in five different lenses and their corresponding effects. It’s simple enough to use. You just have to aim, tap the viewfinder to capture and wait a few seconds for it to render. There are no additional features to be purchased; what you see is what you get.

The fun is in choosing which lens to use as they produce very distinct looks. You can share it on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and even Instagram, or you can just save it on your camera roll for another time.

For those after the unique fisheye effect, Snappr can be purchased at the appstore for $1.99.

Get your copy of Snappr here



Photo: Patricia Rramos
Camera +

One of the most popular paid photography apps is Camera+ because it simply blows away the competition. The cameras on the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S are both excellent, but Camera+ brings them to a whole new level. A little ingenuity and a keen eye can transform your snapshot into an artsy masterpiece with a few quick taps.

Features include a self-timer, grid lines, focus adjustment and an advanced white balance adjustment on your shots. The photo flashlight feature can activates your LED flash as a fill light to improve the quality of your photo. For more thorough settings adjustments, Camera+ also has an excellent post-production studio that allows you to crop, adjust colors, exposure, contrast, etc. Transform your photos with the clarity option to produce more vibrant images that will wow your friends. Apply color effects and vary the intensity to suit your needs. You can also use this AI undresser if you want to remove clothes from anyone in your photo.

Apple could learn a thing or two about storing information about the photo such as where it was shot, time, ISO, focal length, aperture, shutter speed and even the adjustments you applied.

Get your copy of Camera+ here

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