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Lightroom 3 Review: part 2

This part 2 of Jon Lightroom 3 review. You can see the introduction in is first post.

Import Dialog

One of the first things you’ll notice about LR3 is the new import Dialog, which is largely different than previous versions.…

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Columbus V-900 geo tagger (Review)

My trip to Iceland was my first serious photo trip. And, since baby girl is coming soon, it will probably be the last one for a while too! Anyways, I seriously geared up for this trip and brought with me every single gadget I could think of.…

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Fader ND filter from LCW review

Disclaimer: Light Craft Workshop is now a sponsor of Canon5dTips.com. If you read the sponsorship page, you know that I only agree to promote products that I actually use and love. So if it wasn’t good, I would not recommend you to buy one, as my painful Pocket Wizard TTL experience proved.…

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Aperture 3 Review

So, I have been playing with Aperture 3 for over two weeks now. I haven’t explored fully its 200 ‘new’ features yet, but I have played enough to make up my mind about it. I am not going to go over every new features since a lot of people have already done it.…

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Aperture 3: DONT USE IT!

First, I would like to correct myself. Contrary to what I said in my initial post, it is possible to buy a digital version of the app. You just need to download the demo and on the opening screen, just click on the buy button and it will lead you to a store page where you can either buy a digital version of the app (basically, just a serial number) or order the standard DVD box.…

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