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Zacuto Gorilla DSLR kits reviews (part 2.1: Rapid Fire)

In this second part of the review, we are going to look at what are the differences between the various rigs, how they affect their uses and what are their strong points. To save you from reading a long posts, I have spread this part in three articles.…

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Book Review: Master Shots

I love books, I own a lot of them. On top of being educational and entertaining, they are a great decoration element in my loft and make me look smart when people visit my place. And yes, my books are grouped by colors.…

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Book review: The Photographer’s Eye

With the redesign of the blog, I decided to put more emphasis the books I read to learn about photography, video and imaging. To prove that I actually own these books, I have taken a picture of each one, and there are a few more on the way too! …

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