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A quick tip if you are using a LCD view finder (like the Z-Finder)

Reviewing the clips I did last Monday, I realized the exposure was not what I remember seeing on the LCD while shooting. After some thinking, I figured it out: I used to set the LCD brightness level to auto.  Since I was shooting outside, the ambient light sensor was calibrating the LCD brightness as if it was used in bright conditions while in fact I was looking at the LCD in a dark environment (the Z-finder).…

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Mission impossible: Canon 5DMrkII to the rescue!

You mission, if you accept it, is to make a video clip of an artist friend that could be sent to a major television channel so they could do a segment about his album release. Oh by the way, it must be done (as in put on DVD) tonight!

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Flickering issue with the Canon 100mm2.8 Macro

The problem

I was doing some test recording with my macro, for a small test project I had in mind, when I noticed the image flickering when I was focusing in and out. At first I thought it was just my eye but the issue was still there when I looked at the video playback.      …

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Manual focus confirmation

This is something written in the manual, but I have noticed that few people know about it, and even less read the manual. So I thought it would be a good idea to write about it.  When you are in manual focus mode, if you half-press the shutter button, the camera will beep and highlight the squares that are in focus.…

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