Are you ready for the Canon 5D firmware upgrade?

Well, I know that I am not! I was supposed to have everything ready yesterday in preparation for a model shoot next weekend but it was a complete failure. First, I wanted to buy a second battery so I would not have to stop shooting after 1-2 hours.…

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H.264 realtime editing in FCP? (rumor)

Folks. I think I have been sitting on this news long enough. As you all know, one of the most frustration thing about video editing in HD is that you can never work directly with the original clips without some serious performance hit and frame skipping.…

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Looking for a new WordPress theme

I have received a few comments from people who think that the font used on this site is too small which makes long article are hard to read. While I like the current design, I have to agree with them. The font is kinda small.…

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