After a small delay, here comes my first release for 2011: RigsEnvy!

What is it?

RigsEnvy is like Flickr but it replaces dogs and flowers pictures with HDSLR rigs. I wanted to create a microsite for HDSLR users to showcase and talk about their rigs.…

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We now have a mailing list!

Pop up on Canon5Dtips?

You may have noticed that I just added a mailing list to the blog. Sorry for the pop up but it is the best way to make sure everyone notice. If you missed the pop up (or are reading this from a RSS reader), just look at the subscription form in the right column.…

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Canon announces T3I & T3

I am not the first to cover the news so lets go straight to the interesting parts. Forget the T3, it only record in 720p, lets look at the Canon T3i which is the only real option for HDSLR shooters.


The spec sheet is looks pretty standard/expected until we hit these two points: Improved EOS Full HD Movie mode with manual exposure control, expanded recording with new Movie Digital zoom and Video Snapshot features for enhanced video shooting options.…

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OSCT bracket [EXCLUSIVE] Pre-order now and save!

I am very happy to announce that I am ready to take pre-orders for the OSCT! What is it? It is a L shapped bracket that you insert between the camera and the camera plate. You can then attach a cable trigger to the camera to press the SET button to start/stop video recording.…

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Blog theme update!

Hi guys, I finally managed to update the blog theme. It was about time! While I loved the red/dark style, it was hard to read for a lot of people so I decided to move to something with a better contrast.…

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It is Turkey day!

Happy Thanksgiving! First, I would like to thank you all for visiting this blog. Since I started over two years ago, traffic has increased steadily. While I would love to believe it is all because of my efforts, I know it could not have been the same without you guys, talking about the blog to your friends and sending me topic ideas.…

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