Oups moment about the Baby Primes…

Just got this email from a Zeiss rep. I guess that I have to repost the whole email if I dont want some bad guys knocking on my door tonight.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, We would like to address a report that has been released by the company Kelvinkamera+ on June 5th regarding Carl Zeiss as an e-mail press release.

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New Canon 5DMrkII firmware: nothing new

Canon Asia just released a new firmware update for the 5DMrkII. According to the documentation it does not do much:

Firmware Version 2.0.9 incorporates the following improvements and fixes.
1. Improves writing/reading speeds when using UDMA 7-compatible CF cards.
2. Fixes a phenomenon where the IS function will not work when custom function C.Fn III-2 is set to [5: IS start] and the lens attached does not have an AF stop button.

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RedRock EVF delayed – vaporware?

Seems like my prediction that we would not see the RRM electronic view finder in 2011 is coming to reality. While I love to be proven right, I am a bit sad since I really wanted to see more competitors in this market segment.…

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Add some light Leaks to your FCP clips

Our good friends at CrumplePop just released a new Final Cut Pro plugin file kit (?), Lumineux which emulates the light leaking effects of old lenses. Take a look: While the usage in the demo clips may be a little over the top, this is something that is getting quite trendy (if not, why would they have made the product in the first place?) with the increasing popularity of mounting old lenses on HDSLRs.…

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Final Cut Pro X: features list

Yesterday Apple presented FCP X at the FCP Supermeet. It was about time would say a few people (including me!) but I think it is worth it. From what I am gathering, they had to rebuilt the whole application from the ground up so they could (finally) use some of the best Apple technologies such as Grand Central and 64bit processing.…

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