Final Cut Pro X: features list

Yesterday Apple presented FCP X at the FCP Supermeet. It was about time would say a few people (including me!) but I think it is worth it. From what I am gathering, they had to rebuilt the whole application from the ground up so they could (finally) use some of the best Apple technologies such as Grand Central and 64bit processing.

Want to see an almost complete list of all the new features? Check FilmMakerMagazine.

The key new features for me are the native editing of H.264 clips, background rendering and automatic image stabilization. These three things would help us to save a lot of time when editing. I am also very curious about the implementation of the face and scene detection. It is something I talked about in the past and it could be a great time saver too. There are also a lot of improvement on the timeline to remove some of its most frustrating behaviors.

The new app price is extremely aggressive. At 299$ it is within the budget of anyone who has a Mac. While I am very happy about the new pricing, I dont understand the change. I dont think the demand for such an app is very elastic so it can’t be to increase bottom lines. The interesting thing now is to guess what is going to happen to the other apps in the suite such as Motion. Are they going to sell them individually at 299$ each too? In such a case, its not such a great deal for most pros!

Now the bad news: it is not out yet. We have to wait until June, which means anything between 6 to 10 weeks. A little bit far from the early 2011 announced by Steve Jobs. Expect an announcement from Adobe very soon.

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