Can you really get the RigWheel cheaper over the net?

I just received this email from Lance (RigWheel owner) in reply to J.R. Tabotier about places to get cheaper wheels for your rig. I think it is worth sharing this with your guys because too often people diminish the amount of work, testing & research that goes into developing rig part.

I know because I have been there. This is actually the reason why I gave up on the Cable Trigger. To make it worth for me, I had to sale it at a price point that most people would have complained about.

So here is Lance reply:

If he had done a little more research he would have found that has a $100 minimum order and and $25 processing for orders under $200. Total shipped price at is $138.53; About what I charge for wheels + international shipping. Lastly, it’s similar but not the correct part;)

I have received my set of wheels last week and haven’t had time to build my rig around it. Should come soon enough…

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