Selling (or trading) some stuff (400L & Zacuto rig)

I need retool for my summer gigs so I decided to sell some of my stuff.

First on the list is my Zacuto Striker kit. You can see pictures on RigsEnvy, note that I am only selling the Striker, not the rest! I may throw in a Z-Finder (first version) too if you are interested.  Price: 750$. This is mostly a deal for  Canadian buyers since you wont have to pay the ridiculous custom (I had to pay over 250$ in customs fees when I ordered my kit!)

I am also selling my Canon 400L5.6. Old but still in very good conditions. 1100$

I am looking for a 90mm tilt-shift or 85L1.2. If you have one of these two for trade, lets talk!

As I am cleaning up my basement, I may add more gear to the list.

I would rather deal with people form the Montreal area but will ship (at buyer expense) pretty much anywhere.

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