Oups moment about the Baby Primes…

Just got this email from a Zeiss rep. I guess that I have to repost the whole email if I dont want some bad guys knocking on my door tonight.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

We would like to address a report that has been released by the company Kelvinkamera+ on June 5th regarding Carl Zeiss as an e-mail press release. This report contains several statements that need to be clarified for the benefit of our customers. We would be very grateful to receive your support in this undertaking.

In the report, the company Kelvinkamera+ has announced a new line of lenses to be called “Carl Zeiss babyPrimes.” It also states that the company has reached an agreement with Carl Zeiss. Furthermore, the report declares that the manufacturer has already worked on an earlier project at Carl Zeiss (DigiPrimes). This gives the impression that the babyPrime lenses were created together with, or with the approval of, Carl Zeiss.

However, these statements do not reflect the truth. Since Carl Zeiss enjoys a very good reputation in camera lenses of high quality and performance we would like to clarify the situation for the benefit of our customers:

  • Carl Zeiss is in no way involved in the babyPrimes project or product of and does not maintain a relationship to the manufacturer.
  • The company Kelvinkamera+ or the quoted persons were not and are not in any form involved in the DigiPrime project or other projects at Carl Zeiss.
  • Carl Zeiss cannot confirm that the optics used in the advertised product line are from Carl Zeiss, nor can we confirm that these optics meet the typically high standards of a Carl Zeiss lens
  • All Carl Zeiss lenses are subject to extreme specifications, tests and measurements to ensure the respected Carl Zeiss Quality from their development to production to use. In this case, it is not permitted to label these products as “Carl Zeiss” lenses.
  • We would like to emphasize that Carl Zeiss cannot accept any liability for products that have been altered through unauthorized modifications. Therefore these products cannot be covered under the international warranty of Carl Zeiss.

For 120 years, Carl Zeiss lenses have been known for their outstanding performance, quality and reliability. In manufacturing these lenses, we take advantage of everything that is optically and mechanically possible to create an extraordinary product experience from development to production to use of the lens. This is just one of the many reasons for the outstanding reputation enjoyed by the name ZEISS among photographers and moviemakers around the globe.

What this means

Basically, someone at Zeiss did not like how kelvinkamera is piggybacking on their reputation and brand. And it is understandable since who would buy the CP2 lenses if these were the same level of quality? Note that I am not saying they are not, I have not tested them yet.

It is all about marketing and legal stuff. But I wanted to make sure the lawyers dont send me any nasty emails.

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