Zeiss quality on the cheap: Baby Primes!

Just receive this press release from kelvinkamera.com about their new product.

Baby Primes

My career of digital cinematographer started long time ago (1983) and my first ambition was to have serious and creative optics on my analog video cameras.

I convert so many lens to work with Betacam’s SP in tha way I was working before with my Bolexs and Arriflexs.

My experience in mechanical and optical rehousing has thirty years of experiments and creative shooting.

With the arrival of the Canon 5D for me was a real dream to go Full-Frame and enjoy the magic bokeh of the wideangles in the 24X36mm motion-frames, and this is why I decided to go ahead with this complicated and enthusiastic project.

I arrange an agreement with Carl Zeiss AG (was envolved with them in the past with the project of the DigiPrimes) and started the production of a great optical tool for filmmakers looking to purchase and own a set of Carl Zeiss babyPrimes in a real interesting price range.

What does that mean? Put simply:

  • Zeiss optics (= very good image quality)
  • Integrated follow focus gear ring
  • Constant filter size (95mm)
  • Clear marking
  • Cheap…ish..

Basically, these are all the same features as the Zeiss CP.2 line but at a cheaper price point. How cheap? I have not been given any hard number but it should be at around 40% rebate off the similar Zeiss price. This low price will be achieved by selling the lens directly, without any intermediates.

The first batch should be ready by the end of July.

While their website is pretty dull right now, expect updates soon on BabyPrimes.com.


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