Adobe Premiere rebate: from rumor to reality

Seems like, for once, I got a good source for my rumors! As I talked you about 2 days ago, Adobe went into fifth gear in its assault on FCPX today with the launch of their marketing campaign by putting the focus on the pro market.

Will it work? I pretty sure it will! The deal is excellent since you can get the suite for around 850$. It is more expensive than FCPX with Motion + Compressor but you get Photoshop and Illustrator included in the deal too! Adobe tailored the whole Premiere website to target frustrated users, it is going to be very interesting to see Apple response.

In my mind, there is only one thing Apple could do: refund everyone and make this first version of FCPX free.


This may sound a bit extreme but losing FCPX sales is nothing compared to what could happen if people started to move to CS5. Why? They would quickly realize how PC are faster than Mac when running AE and Premiere Pro thanks to the Mercury Preview Engine. So instead of losing sales of FCPX, they would be losing Mac Pro sales which a much more damaging.

Knifes are out!

What ever happen, we are going to benefit from it! On my part, I keep giving FCPX a chance. Why? It is far from perfect and I am still trying to figure out how to do a few things but it works very well for what I do which is only targeting the web / Apple devices.

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