Don’t switch to Adobe CS just yet!

With the FCPX debacle, a lot of people jumped ship prematurely based on their emotions instead of sound reasoning. And, as most decision based on emotions, it is a bad choice, here is why:

First, the old and trusty FCP7 is still as good as it was two weeks ago. So, if FCP7 was good for you, it is still good now.

Secondly people are still discovering how to work with the software. Blame it on the lack of available training material but there are a lot of features identified as missing which are actually there under a different name or working in a different way. Spending some time with the software should actually fix most of these issues. I know because that is what happened with me!

But here is the most important reason why you should wait: according to my source, Adobe is going to start a switching campaign very soon to capitalize on the FCPX launch fiasco. According to this source, Adobe was not prepared for this since they were actually expecting FCPX to be a successful launch. Their planned response strategy was totally different than what they have to do now, hence the reason why you should wait a few weeks for the campaign to start if you want to benefit from it.

So, no matter what you are thinking about doing, you should take your time and wait before making any major decision.

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