My Fashion Zombie preset: what do you think?

I have had a personal photo project for a while: doing a zombie meets fashion photoshoot. The usual reaction when I start talking about is “WTF?” but lucky me, I found a friend who happens to have a very photogenic face ready to try it out.…

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Very cool timelapse from NY

I love timelapse and when they are coupled with good cinematography, they are even better. Here is a great one from New York I just stumbled upon (as in I click on every single Vimeo clip I see with nice poster frame).…

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Get Aperture on the AppStore for 80$!

In case you did not know, the Apple App Store is now available (need to update OSX first) and there are some great deals! The best of these, from what I have found so far, is Aperture for only 80$! While I am now a converted LightRoom user, I can tell you one thing: at this price point Aperture is a much better value for the budget conscious photographer.…

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40% rebate on Capture One 5 Pro

To most photographers, there are only two ‘serious’ apps to manage and process RAW pictures: Apple Aperture and Adobe LightRoom. Let me present you a third option: Capture One. While not as popular as the two others, yet it is the one used by most high-end commercial/fashion/portrait photographers.…

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Lightroom 3 Review: part 2

This part 2 of Jon Lightroom 3 review. You can see the introduction in is first post.

Import Dialog

One of the first things you’ll notice about LR3 is the new import Dialog, which is largely different than previous versions.…

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