40% rebate on Capture One 5 Pro

To most photographers, there are only two ‘serious’ apps to manage and process RAW pictures: Apple Aperture and Adobe LightRoom.

Let me present you a third option: Capture One. While not as popular as the two others, yet it is the one used by most high-end commercial/fashion/portrait photographers. Why? It has incredible color management tools. It is truly leagues ahead of the others in terms of what you can do with the colors. While you have to use a Phase One medium format body to benefit from all its features, there is still a lot of goodies you can use.

My two favorites are the focus mask and focus tool. These two features are priceless when you have to select the best shots out of a 500 pictures photoshoot! Go take a look at the features page to see what else it has to offer.

So, if it is so good, why so few people use it? Some would blame Apple and Adobe marketing, but I think the real reason is that CaptureOne is not good for most photographers. By design the application assumes the image  will be processed in Photoshop to correct imperfections. That is why it does not offer as many non destructive editing tools as the others. When I talked about this to a Capture One guru, he told me that pro photographers should limit their job at taking pictures and sharing their vision. Makeup artist & retoucher should handle the rest. While I dont really agree with this, the guy is making way more money than me with his photography so I guess it is working for him.

So, interested in giving Capture One 5 a try? There is currently a 40% rebate on the Pro version if you use the coupon code 5PRO when checking out. The code is good until the end of the month so hurry up, download the demo and see if you like it or not!

Any Capture One user here?

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