Just announced: EVF from Red Rock Micro

Red Rock Micro just announced an electronic view finder. And no, I am not going to bitch about it because I think it is a product with great potential. Of course it is still vaporware until it is released, just like the micro remote (and all the product prototypes in my garage), but the concept and spec sheet look promising. And lets admit it, it is a much needed part for every rig!

Its pricing is extremely aggressive. For a bit more than a Z-finder, you get something that is way better and more flexible. Pressing the add to cart button is a nobrainer from a cost perspective.

I am also very interested by the advanced assist features they are hinting about. I guess it will have some zebra and other contrast based tools to help focusing. What ever it is, it will be welcome! I just wonder how we will control these features since I could not find any buttons on the pictures (or HDMI cable for that matter).

From the press release, it looks like a very solid product. My only worry is about the up-scaling of the HDMI signal to make it fit the 1.2m dot LCD. Most up-scalers do a crappy job but I guess we will only know how good it is once it is released.

Now please, give us a realistic shipping date!

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